Construction Worker Killed in New York Building Collapse

One worker was killed and another seriously injuredwhen the roof of a building under construction fell on Carlton Avenue. The collapse caused both men, who worked as cement mixers, to fall three stories.

A witness, who was on the roof at the time of the collapse, said the accident happened soon after the foreman on the street tried unsuccessfully to stop cinder blocks from being stacked on top of the proposed four-story building. He said that the part of the roof that he was standing on did not crumble, but that his two co-workers were not as fortunate.

He stated, “It’s a sad situation, seeing two of your co-workers go down. There’s a lot of risk in construction.” The city’s building commissioner stated that the cinder blocks seemed to be the cause of the collapse.

A city Councilwoman issued a statement requiring stronger oversight of construction projects in the city. “This tragic incident raises serious concerns about the safety practices at this construction site, and whether there was proper oversight of this construction by both the Department of Buildings and the developer. I will be working closely with the Department to review the circumstances that led to this horrific incident. I believe this tragedy further underscores the need for greater safety precautions and worker safety training at major development sites throughout the city.”

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