Massachusetts Attorney General Prosecuting Workers’ Compensation Fraud Cases

Workers’ compensation is a system that was designed to provide compensation for workers who become injured or sick due to their job. As a condition of availing themselves of the system, workers forfeit the right to pursue any other potential legal remedies under the common law, and the employer gives up any judgments or determinations regarding fault. If an employee becomes injured or sick in a manner that arises out of their employment, they are entitled to workers’ compensation. However, in order for that system to work properly, it must be funded adequately.

The Massachusetts Attorney General recently announced a case of purported workers’ compensation fraud by two separate business owners that were reportedly indicted for failure to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation insurance premiums, according to the Attorney General.

The Executive Director of the Insurance Fraud Bureau announced that his office will work in concert with the Attorney General’s office to investigate this case, and any similar cases that may attempt to defraud the Massachusetts workers’ compensation system.

Of the individuals who were charged, one was reportedly charged with two counts of Larceny Over $250 and five counts of Workers’ Compensation Fraud, and the other was reportedly charged with two counts of Larceny Over $250 and two counts of Workers’ Compensation Fraud.

Both of the individuals were reportedly involved in forming construction companies, which were allegedly insured for workers’ compensation, and they were assigned to pay commensurate premiums based upon the information they had reported. The cost of such policies is based upon the types of risk of injuries that the potential work poses, and it also takes into consideration the number of workers, the payroll, and other related considerations.

Authorities claim that the two individuals were reportedly granted lower rates on their company policies, and as a result, purportedly put the insurance company at risk for covering undisclosed employees while failing to pay more than $600,000 in insurance premiums. The individuals were referred to the Attorney General’s Office following an insurance fraud investigation. A Grand Jury returned an indictment for the individuals, who will soon face arraignments.

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