Palermo’s Villa Cited by OSHA after Employee Accident

U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Palermo Villa Inc. for seven “serious” violations and one “other-than-serious” infraction and could face $38,500 in proposed fines. The violations mostly dealt with the operating procedures of the ammonia refrigeration system.Also, an employee lost three fingers when they were severed in a workplace accident in early May. After this incident, an immigrant rights group is leading workers in an effort to form an in-house union. The company is offering its support to the injured employee and his family.

Palermo is reviewing the details of the OSHA inspection of the facility and the company plans to meet with OSHA to review the violations. Palermo’s owner stated that the company will cooperate with OSHA.

He also stated, “We train all of our employees to safely and properly operate all equipment, and in this particular case, additional training was provided to ensure that all safety procedures were followed closely. Unfortunately, the accident still occurred, and we continue to investigate the matter, monitor the situation and offer help as appropriate. Safety is the ongoing, top priority, and we will continue to work closely with OSHA and our workers.”

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