At What Point Should You Retain a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

There are many reasons not to file your worker’s comp claim right away. Maybe you didn’t realize that you were injured at first; some repetitive stress injuries can continue for years before they start to really interfere with your daily activities. You may not have wanted to inconvenience your company or be a bother. You may not have known how to file a claim or even where to start.

Unfortunately, the longer you wait to file your claim, the harder it will be to get the compensation you deserve. Your claim could easily be denied if the injury is not reported right away or if you have missed deadlines. Memories of witnesses fade over time leaving you without important evidence.

When it comes to your Workers’ Compensation claim, time is of the essence. But when in that process is it appropriate to hire a Workers’ Compensation lawyer?

  • When your claim has been denied – Whatever the reason for your denial, you have the right to challenge the denial. Each situation is different and an experienced attorney can show you why your claim could still be valid.
  • When your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance company has requested more information from you – Many times an injured employee will receive letters and phone calls from the insurer that need an immediate response. In those cases, you need an attorney that is accessible to make sure your questions are answered and you are proceeding correctly.
  • If you are confused or have questions about your claim – During a time of injury you may feel overwhelmed and fearful for the future. You may wonder how you will take care of your family and your medical bills. Speaking to a Workers’ Compensation lawyer can bring you peace of mind.
  • The sooner the better – Workers’ Compensation law can be complicated and intricate. There are many ways to make mistakes in the process. Those mistakes could cost you money and time, those things you need to support yourself and your family. One missed deadline could drastically impact your future.

Simply put, if you are wondering if it is time to speak with an attorney or not, the answer is yes. Because your initial consultation at Pulgini & Norton is free, you really have nothing to lose, and peace of mind to gain.

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