Report Shows 32 Employees Died in Workplace Accidents in Massachusetts Last Year

A report published by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO and the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health showed that there were 32 work-related fatalities in Massachusetts in 2012. This number has decreased from the 58 deaths which occurred in 2011, but the organizations are calling for change to prevent further workplace injuries and deaths.Motor vehicle accidents and falls were some of the leading causes of workplace fatalities, with 6 deaths attributed to falls and 5 deaths related to motor vehicle accidents. Other dangerous work injuries were firefighters with 7 deaths, and fishermen with 4 deaths last year.

Construction sites are the most dangerous worksite for employees, accounting for 19% of the total number of work-related deaths. The average age of employees that suffered work-related deaths is 50, with the youngest at age 17, and oldest being 73 years old.

Although the number of workplace fatalities has decreased since 2011, the number of injuries and occupational diseases remains high. 50,000 people sustained serious injuries at work, more than 300 died from occupational diseases, and 1,800 workers were diagnosed with cancer or other diseases related to workplace exposure.

The report states that a lack of funding for OSHA regulators and lack of adherence by both employers and employees to the necessary safety precautions is the major contributing factor to workplace fatalities.

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