Westford Family Sues National Grid after Backhoe Killed Grandmother

A Westford family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against National Grid after an accident in August 2011 when a woman was crushed to death by a backhoe that fell off a trailer and landed on the family’s van on Interstate 495.

A National Grid supervisor lost control of a company-owned dump truck that was towing the backhoe on a flatbed trailer. The backhoe fell off the trailer and the van traveled 20 feet down an embankment and the backhoe fell on top on the van. 

Sharon Wang, her two children, and her mother, Xiaoyun Jiang were all trapped inside the van. Wang, who was driving, was flown by helicopter to the hospital and the two children were taken by ambulance to the same hospital. Jiang, who was 70, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wang has said, “I lost my mother on that day, and my children were trapped in the car with her as she passed away. I can hear my children screaming, ‘Help my Grandma!’ The horror of this will never leave us. I wish National Grid had never conducted this test drive

Wang’s husband said, “This was a completely preventable tragedy and National Grid’s reckless conduct put not only my family and the emergency personnel in danger, but also all of the other drivers on Route 495 that day.”

Bradley Henry, the family’s attorney, said that the National Grid driver was instructed by his superiors to conduct a test drive of the combination of a six-wheeled dump truck and flatbed truck with a backhoe on it.

Henry also said, “For a corporation as large as National Grid, with the resources of National Grid, to conduct a ‘test drive’ on a busy Friday afternoon on one of the most congested roadways in Massachusetts is the very definition of ‘gross negligence’”.

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